LEARN Why Artists Don’t Need to Hate Math

This is just the beginning of a seriously long, but hopefully contained, scheduled rant about art and math. MATH IS BEAUTIFUL I TELL YOU! AND SOMETIMES ART IS VERY STRUCTURED!

I personally, think that math is discovered. And art doesn’t exist without context (nothing does). So many art pieces have math in them, even if the artists didn’t intend for there to be math. And there’s art in math! My favorite part about math is the artistic proofs. This is just an introduction to this concept, hold tight for more math in art and art in math.

This is a super funny video about a talented man who changed his major and his life plan countless times, but always managed to create art and explore cool math concepts. It’s pretty long, but don’t just glance over it. It’s suuuper cool (feel free to skip ahead to 14:27 and catch a super awesome closing story about seeing the world).

There’s two different ways to approach art, and they’re both true. And one of them is that the world is a beautiful place and it’s full of highlights and it’s full of sparkles and it’s full of dawns and dusks and mystery and beauty. And the other one is that it has a structure behind it, and is this structure behind it, is it mathematical? Does it have to do with sin waves and waves? And I don’t know, Some does. To me, the difference between the two ways of sort of looking at the world is sort of the difference between if you are reaching out to touch the world, or whether you’re letting the world touch you.” – Reuben Margolin


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