LEARN What STEM Adults Want For Christmas!

Got a nerdy STEM friend or significant other?


With Black Friday and Cyber Monday on the horizon, I am looking for a great nerdy gift to get my boyfriend, but you wanna know a secret?!?!? THEY ARE ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND! You can find a lot of sites for comicon-esque merchandise and STEM kids presents (because apparently kids like science and adults don’t)

For those of you who don’t know, STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. STEM ❤

I’m looking for something…

  • STEM related
  • That I can wrap (as much as I love experience gifts, I want someTHING this year)
  • Useful
  • NOT childish
  • NOT a waste of desk space

Okay! So here are my finds:

Geek Apparel ALWAYS

For STEM people

S-EVERY science person has laughed about this while reading their textbook-I guarantee it.

T-Love this one for Technology buffs!

E- For our Engineers

M- Pretty cool math shirt 🙂

Everyday Life Stuff

Why buy a gift that they won’t ever use? Sure it’s cool, but it’s impractical. Here is the stuff that they will actually use that you don’t even think about needing.

Schrodinger’s Cat Mug


AGH!!!! SO COOL! Wait for it. It glows when it gets hot!

Motion Activated Bed Light (cool for college I think)


These Planet Bandaids are pretty cool.

Also, I don’t think these actually exist yet, but ever since Biology in high school I’ve wanted to make mitosis bandaids. I’d be MORE than happy to see someone find these somewhere.

Subtly STEM Decór

“Can we keep it?” You drew a line when you told your roomate that you wouldn’t keep rug in the shape of π in your living room… so let’s get subtle. What decór is there for us nerds that you non-nerds wouldn’t mind around?

Nerdy dish towels!

Pi Bowl-it’s hardly even mathy because it’s so contemporary and you can’t have too many fruit bowls.

This cutting board is sorta rad… just saying. Even if you aren’t into math things.

Not only does this involve some pretty cool math concepts… but plates! Cute and necessary af.







For our technology (21+) buffs

Newton’s Cradle is universally awesome.


The REAL DEAL Adult Stuff

Solar Panel Phone Charger

Solar Panel Backpack and Charger


Telescope to travel with

GOOD Pen caution: math people prefer pencils, but science people prefer pens-I hate using pen


External Hard Drive

A Carrier for Posters (STEM people need this more often than you think)

clicker for presenting (again, STEM people need this more often than you think)


Geekspeak How Life+Mathematics=Happiness by Dr. Tattersall


The Millennium Problems The Seven Greatest Unsolved Mathematical Puzzles of Our Time by Keith Devlin


Cosmos by Carl Sagan (also a super cool series on Netflix)


Why Does E=mc^2? by Brian Cox and Jeff Foreshaw


Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions by Randall Munroe

Cooking for Geeks by Jeff Potter

F in Exams The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers by Richard Benson

In the past, I’ve gotten him…

  • A microscope (wayyyy on sale).
  • A 100% cotton lab coat (quick tip: If you’re buying a lab coat for a friend who actually will use it in lab, make sure you get 100% cotton because otherwise, you could be the reason they catch fire. Trust me on this one).
  • Plants – cuz botany. I dunno.
  • I donated to The World Wildlife Foundation to “adopt an otter”. They sent a certificate and a stuffed animal which was really cute because we like otters.  I added these animal ones in case your STEM person is super into biology.
  • A pearlscale goldfish because he likes that they grow up to look like golf balls. He named her Milena (weird, I know)

Also, just throwing these in here cuz I saw them and neeeed themmm, but I think they’re more girly (if you’re looking for girly, etsy has really great supplies, jewelry, mugs, and stuff that is really cool):

Dandelion Battery Light


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