Hate Love LEARN MATH exists to help students engage foundational principles in mathematics in new ways.

When I say “math”, maybe you recall disappointing grades, irrelevant word problems, and confusing material. But when I hear the word “math” I think of artistic proofs, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, and fun puzzles. I love math, so I often wonder why so many people hate math. And I realized after tutoring students in college level math courses that it’s because they were taught wrong. In order to meet curriculum requirements, math teachers have been forced to move too quickly through class material, skipping crucial lessons. Math is taught wrong because it doesn’t focus on teaching students how to think about numbers and solving problems, but rather, getting them into college. Whether you hate math or love it, this blog will teach you new ways of thinking about mathematics.

Below is a three minute video showing the reactions that students have when asked to solve an impossible problem. This demonstrates how the current way of teaching math has failed.

Hate Love LEARN MATH exists to teach basic math principles in a way that makes students understand and see the value in math. Some math topics this blog will cover are:

If basic level math classes were taught at a pace that allows for deep engagement in topics, more people would understand math and they would actually want to take higher level math classes. Students who stumble upon Hate Love LEARN MATH looking for formulas and examples will engage the topics and understand math principles.


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